Miami Tower – Headquarters for Miami Business Law Firm Assouline & Berlowe

What a time to be in Miami. To think, with all the bad things going on in the world, Miami seems like it is a magical place.

Yesterday, history was made with the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court, making her the first black female justice in history and only the 8th Justice out of 116 on the High Court who was not a white male. But here in Miami we are extra proud, as Justice Jackson is the first Floridian on the Supreme Court and Her Honor was born and raised in Miami. Justice Jackson graduated from Palmetto High School and was a classmate of Assouline & Berlowe name partner Peter Berlowe. In fact their names, Berlowe and Brown, are so close in the alphabet that they appear on opposite pages of the high school yearbook.

Justice Jackson’s father, Johnny Brown, was also a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law, as were the two named partners of Assouline & Berlowe.

Miami is also going through a transformation to become a hub of technology and innovation. This month is Miami Tech month, with last week being Miami NFT Week, and this week kicked off Bitcoin 2022, a conference in Miami Beach with 30,000 attendees, the largest Bitcoin conference in the world.

In the professional basketball department, the Miami Heat have locked in 1st place in the NBA Playoffs. In the professional hockey department, the Florida Panthers have locked in 1st place in the NHL playoffs. In the professional football department, the Miami Dolphins have acquired six time pro bowl wide receiver Tyreek Hill, possibly the most high profile trade ever made for the team. And today is opening day for the Miami Marlins, who have also made a few high profile off season trades to be more competitive.

Up the road, today is another historic day in Florida in that it is the first time that the United States has sent up a space mission to the International Space Station with four civilian passengers.

Miami and Florida has seen an incredible growth in population and popularity over the past several years and in the midst of all the bad in the world has stood out as a beacon of hope.

For all of us to be here in Miami at this time, we should be exceptionally grateful and appreciate what we are a part of and cherish it.

Eric N. Assouline, Esq., Managing Partner, Assouline & Berlowe

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