DON’T FONT IT UP – Middle District of Florida Local Rules

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The Local Rules for the Middle District of Florida are strict as to font and size. Details about the requirements are provided below. Always make sure to look at local rules before filing, including the Florida appellate courts.

Local Rule 1.08 provides what is allowed in 14 point font, and then the exception:

TypefaceBook Antiqua
Calisto MT
Century Schoolbook
Character SpacingScale: 100%
Spacing: Normal
Position: Normal

(b) ANOTHER PERMISSIBLE TYPEFACE. Times New Roman is permitted if the main text is at least 14-point, an indented quotation is at least 13-point, a footnote is at least 12-point, and the paper otherwise complies with (a).

An examples of a recent Middle District opinion is provided for download.


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