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Assouline & Berlowe Partner Daniel A. Vielleville authored an article in ILS’s International Law Quarterly, a special note on Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).  His article, entitled “Colombia adopts arbitration statute based on the UNCITRAL Model Law” can be found on page 11 of the publication.

Mr. Vielleville discusses the advantages and disadvantages of Law 1563/2012, in force since October 2012, that regulates domestic and international arbitration in Colombia.  The most welcome feature of the new statute is the adoption of the 1985 UNCITRAL Model Arbitration Law, with its 2006 amendments.  For example, the new statute:

  1. recognizes both institutional and ad hoc arbitration;
  2. acknowledges the power of arbitrators to issue interim or conservatory measures;
  3. provides clear definitions of what constitutes an arbitration agreement, the principle of separability of the arbitration agreement and the power of the arbitrators to decide on their own competence (kompetenzkompetenz), including the negative effect of such authority.

For more analysis of the new statute, view the ILS International Law Quarterly article, linked below.

Colombia adopts arbitration statute based on the UNCITRAL Model Law

Mr. Vielleville, a dual Venezuelan-U.S. attorney, is a partner in the Miami office of Assouline & Berlowe.  He heads the Latin America Practice and the International Business Practice.  For more information about Mr. Vielleville’s international practice, please contact him using the contact information below.

Latin America Practice and the International Business Practice


3250 Mary Street, Suite 100

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Main:  (305) 567-5576

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Email: dev@assoulineberlowe.com


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August 15, 2013 · 9:52 pm

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