Patent Attorney: Honoring Citrix Systems Co-Founder & Georgia Tech Alumnus Ed Iacobucci


Georgia Tech Football Helmet - Patent Attorney Engineer

Georgia Tech Football Helmet – Patent Attorney Engineer


Most people have never heard of Ed Iacobucci and his contribution to the ever shifting paradigm that is technology.  But his vision and drive helped shape our society and how we do business.

A ramblin’ wreck from Georgia Tech, Iacobucci graduated from Tech with a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering.  He started his professional career at IBM in 1979 where he helped IBM enter the commercial software and personal computing markets.  He also led a joint IBM-Microsoft design team that paved the way for personal computer operating systems.  Later in his career, Iacobucci sat on the engineering advisory board for Georgia Tech.

In 1989, Iacobucci co-founded what is now Citrix Systems, Inc., a leading technology company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with over 8,000 employees company-wide.  Citrix provides collaborating solutions that makes businesses more efficient.  Their cloud computing services, such as GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting, have significantly added to the development of the South Florida technology market.

Iacobucci was recognized as the top entrepreneur in the world when he received the 1998 Ernst & Young International Entrepreneur Award.    According to Iacobucci, “Every human being has his own vision of what’s happening in the future. I was lucky in that what I thought would happen did happen. When we know we can do it and the rest of the world doesn’t – that’s when things get interesting.”

If you didn’t know who Iacobucci was before his death, I hope you can fully appreciate his contribution to technology and that he was a helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva, hell of an engineer.

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One response to “Patent Attorney: Honoring Citrix Systems Co-Founder & Georgia Tech Alumnus Ed Iacobucci

  1. Nice piece. Thank you for honoring this Tech Man.

    ~ Jeff Morrison
    BSIE TKE ’76 GT

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